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1st Durbanville Scouts join World Scout Jamboree in South Korea

Four Scouts and one Scouter from 1st Durbanville are participating in the 25th World Scout Jamboree which is being held in South Korea in July/August this year.


Daniel Wilbraham (16), Hannah Murphy (16), Keagan Coetzee (17), Oscar Berteler (17) and Sean Wilbraham (Assistant Troop Scouter) are part the South African contingent which will depart for South Korea on 23 July to participate in the shakedown camp at the KSA Scout Centre in Seoul followed by a tour of South Korea before proceeding to the Jamboree which takes place from 1 to 12 August.


For 11 days, Scouts aged between the ages of 14 and 18 years will live in tented camps at the newly built campground in Saemangeum, Jeollabuk-do which encompasses 8.8 square kilometers of reclaimed land. This site will become a lively space where Scouts from across the globe can participate in a broad array of individual and team activities designed to inspire participants. This year’s theme is “Draw Your Dream” and participants will be able to embark on new adventures, learn about different cultures, and form new friendships.


Sustainability is an important pillar of the event. The Sustainability sector is dedicated to teaching teen participants to advocate for sustainable development practices for their local and global communities. In the Better World Tent and Global Development Village, they will commune with nature and forge a culture of peace and discussion.

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